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How to setup


Are you having issues with the bot? is it not responding or not sending notifications? Check out the Troubleshooting page.

Installing the bot

First, you need to invite the bot to your server, you can find the invite button here.

As a server admin

Configuring the group

You can (and should) configure the selected group for the Discord server. This is the group that will be used for all commands and notifications.

You can do this with the /config group command.

Configuring notifications

Then, you can also tell the bot where you want certain group-related notifications to be sent to. For example, you might want member achievements to go to some #achievements channel, and you might want to send a message to #general when a new member joins.

Note: you can also use this command to disable certain notification types.

You can do this with the /config notifications command.

Checking current configurations

You can check your current configurations by using the /help command (with no category selected).

As a regular player/member

You can use the /setrsn command to tell the bot your OSRS name, this allows you to use player commands without having to specify your RSN every time.